You will have seen that all of our jewellery is made from Sterling Silver. But what exactly does this mean? To be branded as such, a piece must contain 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of another metal, which means Sterling Silver is known as an alloy. Pure silver is a very soft metal, and if we made our jewellery out of it, it would quickly lose its shape. So a different metal is added to the silver to increase its durability, without reducing the beautiful look.

Our designers only use the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver (remember 925 = 92.5% silver), backed up by our British Hallmark – a small mark stamped into the jewellery to guarantee quality. Our Hallmark is normally stamped with 3 elements:

Our company hallmark PW
925 in an oval – this indicates that it is sterling silver and imported
Anchor or other symbol indicating the place of assay.

To read more about the hallmarks please go to: www.theassayoffice.com/help-with-hallmarks/compulsory-marks

To ensure the quality of all our pieces, the British Hallmark is applied to all our pieces above the legal weight threshold of 7.78 grams of silver. We also qualified for the assay assured scheme, an independent Hallmark verification operated by the Assay Office.

However, no matter how good quality our silver is, it does still need some looking after, as it is still a precious metal which can become scratched without the proper care and attention. Why not pick up one of our polishing cloths to help keep your silver in tip top condition and have a read of our 'Looking after your Jewellery' page, which will give you good tips of how to look after your pieces.

The problem of scratched silver is one that we were keen to address, and saw the introduction of our leather and stainless steel pieces. Leather has been around for millions of years and has stood the test of time as a durable and beautiful material to work with. 

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