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Star Fish

The starfish and its symbolic meaning

The starfish has no eyes, but only small sensory cells with which he can only distinguish between light and dark. For starfish have through their suckers a strong sense of touch with which they can feel good. In the figurative sense, they therefore stand for blind trust and the emotional world of man and should be able to teach the power of letting go.

Starfish reflects the magic of the emotions and the magic of the underwater world, which makes them a popular motif in the fashion world. Whether at high tide in the sea or at low tide on the beach – starfish sparkle like little gems in many different colours. Stylised as jewellery designs, they bring out both the inner and the outer glow of their wearers. Particularly popular are starfish designs in sunny gold or shining silver with turquoise stone trimming. They are the perfect highlights for maritime summer looks, and their pentagram-like shape simultaneously turns them into protective talismans.