Code of Conduct An Assay Assured jewellery retailer has agreed to comply with this code of conduct. This code refers to jewellery but applies equally to any other precious metal items offered for sale by Assay Assured jewellery retailers. 1. Quality Assurance a. The description of every item of jewellery offered for sale by the retailer will give clear, honest and accurate information regarding the item’s precious metal content including what metal(s) the item is made of and its fineness (precious metal content). b. The retailer guarantees to purchasers that the precious metal content of items is as described on its website. c. Regarding items which are exempt from hallmarking by virtue of weight, the retailer will also guarantee their precious metal content. d. The retailer will comply in all respects with the Hallmarking Act 1973 and all other applicable laws regarding the sale of jewellery. e. The retailer will not offer for sale any branded item that it knows to be counterfeit and will take reasonable care to ensure all branded items it offers for sale are genuine. 1. Customer Protection a. If a customer asserts that an item bought from the retailer was not of the advertised metal content, the retailer will try in good faith to resolve the dispute with the customer and Assay Assured will, if requested by the retailer and at the retailer’s expense, test the item. b. If the retailer is unable to resolve the dispute, then either the customer or the retailer may ask Assay Assured to rule on whether or not the item was of the advertised precious metal content. Assay Assured will test the item and: ii. if the item was not of the advertised precious metal content, the retailer will refund the customer the purchase price and delivery costs and will pay the costs of testing, or iii. if the item was of the advertised metal content, it will be returned to the customer and Assay Assured will bear the cost of testing. c. This code is not intended to replace or limit the legal rights of purchasers. It does not have the force of law, and purchasers should look to their legal remedies if dissatisfied following attempts to seek redress under this code.