925 Earrings & Sterling Silver Earrings: Is There A Difference?

925 earrings

Is 925 considered real silver?

The 925 stamp on silver jewellery refers to the silver's purity. It means that out of every 1000 bits of material in a piece of jewellery, 925 must be silver and no more than 75 must be a different metal. It is made up of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent another metal. A piece must contain 99.9% pure silver and 0.1 percent trace elements to be termed pure silver. 925 sterling silver is a combination of silver and a hard metal. The exact percentages vary by jeweller or supplier, but 925 sterling silver is generally thought to be of good quality. Pure silver is inherently quite soft, and if used for jewellery without being combined with a stronger metal, it would readily bend or break. 92.5 percent silver is commonly used in functional silver jewellery.

925 sterling silver makes for a great material when making jewellery. Combined with a diamond or other gems, 925 sterling silver can make for a striking piece of jewellery that catches the eye of both men and women. Many top name brands used 925 sterling silver in the creation of their watches, stud earrings and engagement rings. If you're looking to shop for beautiful yet reasonably priced jewellery, 925 sterling silver is a fantastic choice. 

Can I get free UK delivery when I shop for jewellery online?

You will find many stores offer free UK delivery when you shop for jewellery online. Others will factor postage and packing into the final price which they display when you check out. There might be an ad you've seen where retailers promote this. Free delivery isn't always provided so check to see if this is the case when ordering online. Some retailers also offer a return package in case the piece of jewellery needs to be returned or next day delivery. Many retailers offer similar items of jewellery in their collection so shop around if you're looking for the best deal. There will always be a retailer holding a sale which is always a great excuse to buy the jewellery you love. 

Jewellery websites such as The Silver Vault hold a sale now and then. They specialise in silver jewellery. They have a fantastic selection of stud, hoop and hanging earrings as well as bracelets and necklaces. They have a wide range of jewellery for every engagement as well as day to day wearing. They have a great collection of 925 stud earrings available in their sale for you to choose from, along with a wealth of other 925 sterling silver pieces of jewellery.

How can I tell if sterling silver jewellery is real?

Finding the imprint on your piece is the quickest way to tell if it's genuine sterling silver. A "925" stamp will appear somewhere on sterling silver rings, necklaces, bracelets, and some stud earrings. The stamp is commonly seen on the inside band of rings. The 925 hallmark is the most important indicator of whether or not a piece is composed of genuine sterling silver. Silver is now one of the most valuable precious metals on the market, and the government regulates it through a number of laws.

Check the coloration of your piece of jewellery to make sure it isn't silver plated; genuine silver is less sparkly and has a cooler tone than silverplate. The object is silver plated if you see locations where the silver is flaking off or turning green. You might try cleaning the object with a soft cloth to learn more about it. 925 sterling silver is not magnetic. You can use a magnet to check if the sterling silver is real or plated.

If you have sensitive ears, you'll be able to tell almost straight away if the stud earrings are made from 925 sterling silver or not. 925 sterling silver that contains nickel or silver plated stud earrings will cause irritation and potentially an infection if left untreated. For those with sensitive skin, it is imperative that you check when buying to ensure you are purchasing jewellery that won't irritate your skin.

Are sterling silver earrings expensive?

While 925 sterling silver is fourth on the list of most expensive jewellery metals, starting with the most precious metal that can be used in jewellery production and ending with the least expensive of them all, its value still makes it costlyF when you shop for a new piece of jewellery. Many people prefer to wear sterling silver earrings or other items of silver jewellery due to its versatility and ability to be worn with pretty much anything. The value of sterling silver is determined by its current form, age, and condition. Antique sterling silver, for example, is worth more than junk silver. This alloy, on the other hand, is less expensive than other precious metals like platinum and gold.

Prices of jewellery will vary depending on where you shop. Simple designs without sterling silver cubic or silver cubic zirconia will be a lot cheaper than one bursting with cubic zirconia or other precious gems. Silver stud earrings and silver hoop earrings can be relatively cheap compared to bespoke pieces which can range anywhere in price depending upon the designer. Ladies (and men), it's always best to shop during a sale if you wish to get designer jewellery at a reasonable price. You may find some items of jewellery come with the option to add a gem such as diamond, emerald or ruby to the design or have this option readily available for you to buy there and then.

Are 925 earrings good for sensitive ears?

Since 925 sterling silver is typically classified as hypoallergenic jewellery, it is one of the most popular alternatives for earring wear, especially for delicate ears. For those with newly pierced ears or wishing to get their ears pierced but are worried they will have a reaction, it's best to request 925 stud or sterling silver hoop as you will need to keep them in for several weeks before you can remove them. Nickel-free sterling silver is the sole option for sensitive ears. 925 sterling silver jewellery is made up of many metals (as pure silver is usually too soft for the stud).

Simply Silver Sterling and The Silver Vault are both great retailers for sterling silver pieces of jewellery if you struggle to find stud earrings made from real sterling silver. Ladies and men alike don't want to buy a great set of stud earrings only to find their ears react to the stud earrings and can't be worn. As earrings are usually a stud, it's important not to buy cheap stud earrings as this can cause an infection. For some it can be painful enough to have their ears pierced without having to add an infection into the mix. Stud earrings usually come with a butterfly that goes behind the ear and slides onto the stud to prevent the earrings from falling out. Always make sure you check during a sale to ensure you're buying sterling silver that doesn't contain nickel.

Can you get sterling silver watches?

925, also known as sterling silver, is rarely used in the creation of watches. Because sterling silver is so delicate, it's difficult to use it for something that needs to last. Rolex watches, for example, employ 904L stainless steel for its cases and bracelets, which is significantly tougher and non-magnetic than standard 316L steel. It's best to steer clear of watches that use sterling silver as a watch case. They might look impressive however they will scratch easily and dent due to the metal's softness. You don't want to spend all day trying to protect a watch from scratches.

Are there any top favourites among silver jewellery?

Both women and men are using jewellery to accessorize their look these days and there's so much on offer for you to choose from. Whether you're after unique stud earrings or a delicate sterling silver necklace, the list of peoples favourites sterling silver accessories is a long list. Fashion is forever changing so it really down to you to decide what look or impression you prefer. Some prefer to wear light, delicate jewellery whilst others like to wear big, bold jewellery. Some may opt for a simple stud whilst others prefer large clips on earrings which give the impression of the ear being pierced in unusual places. With what feels like a sale every other day online, big brand names can now be found in the sale section of many retailers. This is great news for both ladies and men.

Sterling silver can be found by the majority of retailers selling quality jewellery. This makes life easier for men when shopping for their partners as sterling silver makes for an excellent gift. You can't go wrong if you buy a set of sterling silver earrings or a necklace made from sterling silver. Stud earrings are always very popular for those with their ears pierced. If you wish to buy a full set with matching earrings and a necklace, you might find it cheaper if you wait for the retailer to hold a sale. Sterling silver isn't the cheapest metal used for jewellery and prices can run high depending upon the designer and retailer. Sterling silver rings look fantastic and can be worn with pretty much everything. Great items can always be found in a sale so keep an eye open.